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Note: Please download and install the latest SQL Accounting (version 708 or above) for report templates to be compatible.

SST Co: Customise SST Invoice 

Non-SST Co: Customise Tax Invoice to Normal Invoice

 How To: Display Exemption Number & Expiry Date in your Invoice Template


JomPAY Collection

01 Purchase Return 3 (SST)

03 Purchase Return 7 (SST 2)

02 Purchase Return 7 (SST 1)

45 Sales Invoice 8 SST 1 (Exempted Taxable Service)

002 Sales Quotation SST

001 Sales Quotation SST

003 Sales Order 2 Deposit SST

002 Sales Order 1 Deposit SST

001 Sales Order Tax With Deposit SST

02 Sales Invoice Forwarding SST

03 Sales Invoice SST

01 Sales Invoice SST

43 Invoice with Summary SST

44 Invoice with Summary SST

31 Tax Local IV InForeignCurrency SST

29 Sales Invoice Half SST

25 Invoice (WithTaxSummary) SST

18 Sales Invoice Rounding SST

20 Invoice SST

23 Invoice SST

24 Invoice SST

27 Invoice Half SST

28 Invoice Half SST

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