Be prepared and get your system up to date - SQL Cloud

06 Oct 2020
Be prepared and get your system up to date - SQL Cloud
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Dear Valued Customer,
We are aware the current COVID-19 situation in Malaysia seems to be unpredictable and we have been receiving this a common question from customers.
Q : How do I ensure my daily SQL Software data is BACKUP and ACCESSIBLE smoothly? 
A : SQL CLOUD! You are required to daily backup your database after work and copy to your external hard disk or pendrive.

What is SQL Cloud?
·         Setup within 1 hour. No installation required. Compatible with any browser
·         Access SQL Account Cloud from home. Increase productivity any time, anywhere.
·         Auto backup. Auto version upgrade.
·         High security, protect your database, secure your business
·         UNLIMITED Storage. No limit on database size or transactions.
Staying home, Staying safe!

For more information, please do not hesitate to contact any of our representatives as below and we are more than glad to assist you!
·         017 - 665 2188 (CK)
·         012 - 452 7188 (KJ)
·        016 - 339 6188 (Soon)
·         012 - 529 7188 (Ammes)
·         016 - 206 2166 (Christine)

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